“The Hair & Skin Revitalizer”

Proudly Producing Hair and Skin Products for Over Two Decades

HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTS have been skillfully formulated with a sophisticated blend of natural and scientific ingredients for over two decades. We use a state-of-the-art technology to produce very effective classical products.

Hair Products

The hair product line consists of highly selective SHAMPOO, PROTEIN, RECONSTRUCTIVE PROTEIN CREME and CONDITIONERS, HAIR SPRAY and GEL.

Skin Products

The skin product line consists of highly potent items superbly formulated to nurture the skin of the face as well as that of the body … products that sharply reduce the wrinkles in the face and neck and give the skin a new beautiful younger look!

HOLLYWOOD INTERNATIONAL along with its affiliated companies have been proudly producing hair and skin products for over two decades.

HOLLYWOOD HAIR and SKIN CARE SYSTEM has been a revolution in the hair and skin care industries since the company’s inception, it was tested extensively by experts on all types of hair and skin: the results had led them to rate it by “SUPERIOR”, and virtually generations ahead of the current leading professional brands.

HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTS are skillfully formulated with sophisticated blend of natural and scientific ingredients, which have indeed proven to be essential in maintaining the skin and hair health and beauty.